January 17, 2010

Here Comes the Rain

It looks like we're going to get our winter rains all in one week. There are major storms rolling into Southern California and the mountains could get as much as two feet of rainfall this week. Since it could be a while before we get out, Sherry and I decided to head up to Wrightwood for lunch.

We don't do too much camping in the Angeles National Forest. It isn't that we don't like the place, its just that there are only three campgrounds that take reservations, and the anxiety of wondering if you'll have a place to set up camp isn't our kind of fun. All three of the campgrounds with reservations are within a ten-minute drive of the town of Wrightwood.

Mountain Oak is the furthest from town, but they only take RVs up to 18' long -- La Rana is 23. Lake Campground is very intimate with only 8 campsites, but they too are limited to 18' campers.  Table Mountain can take up to 32 feet, and it is where we spent Memorial Day weekend in 2007. When we just had a trailer, our favorite sites were 85, 112, 113, 72, 73, 74, 75 and 76. Today we couldn't tell one site from the other because the entire campground was under a foot of unplowed snow.