March 25, 2008

Zion National Park

Sherry and I have been talking about taking the Caboose on something longer than a holiday weekend trip. We were talking about another trip to Yosemite or Sequoia National Park, but I'd like to try someplace we've never been before.

My buddy Jake just got back from Zion National Park and stayed at Zion Canyon Campground. He spoke very highly of it, and judging by the photos and amenities, it looks pretty good. One of the attractive features of the park is that it is just a half-mile from the front entrance and visitor center. They run free town shuttles every few minutes, and then the park has free shuttles through the canyons. Maybe next spring.

[Note: The comments section doesn't allow links, but "He Ruide" sent a couple links to photos of his PUP at Zion. Here is Watchman Campground, and here is the National Park.]


He Ruide said...

An alternative is the Watchman's campground which is inside the park. I stayed there for over a week and had a wonderful time. My only caution is to secure your awning at night as the winds are pretty severe. Here are some pictures of the camp ground [url=][/url]

as well as pictures of the park itself [url=][/url].

He Ruide