March 30, 2014

Good Morning Lucy

Mom and Lucy
We took a couple months off for the holidays and a week in our timeshare, but camping is back on the calendar again. This month was a trip with just my Mom and her new dog Lucy. It was a beautiful weekend, and a great time with my Mom, but they've ruined a great campground by removing the fresh water faucets at the dumping station.

What kind of campground has no potable water available for RVs? They want me to put recycled water in my tanks, since "it's just for flushing" but what about washing dishes? What kind of Andromeda Strain do they want me to introduce to my domestic water tank? Dysentery is the gift that keeps on giving so fill your tank before you get to Moro Canyon.

It is hard not to love a campground with this view in the morning.