October 28, 2012

Camp Perseverance

We got kicked out of our usual camping spot in Death Valley when it became part of the Ibex Wilderness. We found a new spot, literally just one hundred feet from the wilderness boundary. We turn off Highway 127, and head out Furnace Creek Road for 1.8 miles. There is a nice piece of desert pavement we came to called Camp Perseverance. It doesn't have the Butch and Sundance charm of the old campsite, but it makes a great base camp for the usual field trips and excursions.

This time, the Harrisons made it out to Pahrump for breakfast before going to camp on Saturday morning. We had left the house a little before one in the "Hey-M" and that got us to the Furnace Creek turnoff at 4:30 AM. Next time, we'll sleep in until four before we push off. The dogs had an especially good time, as the hounds just about out-numbered the two-legged mammals on this trip.


Ed said...

For next trip, the fuel and propane are both at 5/8 full.

Coloma Resort said...

The camp site looks pretty fine, just a question about temperature in the day light out there.