August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

We were lucky enough to get a beach campsite in August and September this year. Usually, these sites sell out within seconds of their availability, but because Moro Canyon at Crystal Cove is new this year, they've had vacancies.

It is a great campsite, on the grounds of an old mobile home park on a bluff over the ocean. Mom loves camping at the beach and her birthday is in August so of course she came along!

We left early to escape the heat of the Inland Empire, and got to the day use area while there was still parking available. We spent most of the day just a few yards from the surf, and in fact we moved once to avoid the waves.

It was too hot to cook, so we ordered pizza from Gina's Pizza which was voted OC Weekly's best pizza in Orange County. No argument from us! Their roasted veggie pizza on a whole wheat crust was amazing. Andy and I being carnivores really loved their pepperoni and mushroom. Nothing comes from a can at Gina's and the quality was obvious. This ain't no Little Caesar's!

On Sunday, we decided our bodies couldn't take another day on the sand, so we headed up Laguna Canyon and went to the Sawdust Art Festival. There was some great stuff there and we definitely took home some treasures. We had a late lunch at Soup Plantation and headed home. Another great weekend retreat.