July 4, 2012

To Do List

When I need to think about something else, I usually start making a list of things I want to do to our house or to the RV. I usually lose these lists, and so this time, I'm going to post it so it has some permanency. In no particular order, here is my list of projects, mods, gadgets, fixes, etc.
  • Create a Ditch Bag
  • Mount a Cyclone Vent Cover
  • Fix the lose wall panel in the bathroom
  • Fix the bathroom door
  • Drawer liner for the lower silverware drawer
  • Night lights over the master bed
  • Bed cubbies
  • Change all lamps to LEDs
  • Add switch or volume to rear speakers
  • Better door and drawer catches
  • Fridge catches
  • Label power switch for water heater
  • Remove sticker residue from bottom of dinette chairs
  • Repair accessory plug under dinette
  • Plastic box for storage inside the microwave
  • Storage tub(s) for under the oven


Anonymous said...

How often do you look at the bottom of your dinette chairs?

Ed said...

All the time. We have seatbelts on our dinette so once we get to camp, we tuck them under. When we make the dinette into a bed, the tape adhesive gets on the top of the table.