June 17, 2012

Father's Day Camping

Every Father's Day for the last three years, we've planned a Gonzales family camping trip. This year was no exception, though this was the first year where I agreed to do all the cooking. I think it made it so much easier on everyone, and I do enjoy outdoor cooking, as well as the opportunity to buy a new stove and cast iron skillet.

This year, we had a double spot at Dogwood, and it was the perfect size and location, though we talked about trying a beach camp next year. We spent two nights there, but spent most of Saturday at Lake Gregory. Anthony will remember this trip as the one where his Noonie accidentally hit him in the face with a mug of beer and knocked his tooth out.

Meals were buffet style with no one leaving the table hungry. We had pizza and chicken wings Friday night; strawberry sundaes for dessert; Chorizo potatoes and eggs Saturday breakfast; hot dogs at the lake for lunch; beef foil packs for dinner; s'mores for dessert; and an all-American breakfast on Sunday.

The foil packs let everyone be their own chef. We provided the ground beef, seasonings, potatoes and an assortment of vegetables. It was fun for everyone to get creative and the kids really liked eating something they made themselves. There was lots of time for playing king-of-the-stump or just taking a nap. Another great trip!