April 22, 2012

Moro or Morro?

That is the view from our campsite this weekend -- be sure to click on it for a bigger version. We left Saturday morning for our first time at this new state campground.

This place is so new they were still installing the signs. It used to be a mobile home park but the State evicted the lease holders, cleared the land, restored the habitat and turned it into a very nice terraced campground above Moro Canyon. The spelling of the canyon is with one R in the State Park, but with two outside of the park (including on the back of La Rana).

This is the closest beach camping to our house, just 40 miles of toll road and canyon driving. We made it there quickly, walked down to the beach and then took the local bus into Laguna Beach for the Kelp Fest and Earth Day. Andy's buddy Colt came with us so they had their own agenda as they explored the area.

This camp doesn't allow campfires so when we got back to the site, it was a walk atop the bluffs and a movie before bed. In the morning, we watched dolphin catching breakfast in the kelp beds just offshore, while we ate our breakfast on the bluff. We then headed over to Andy's Footy game before heading home.


cal said...

Looks like a great spot folks and good to see youi guys enjoy a 'real' game of football - Aussie Rules.
Outback Crossing