April 6, 2012

Mom's Road Trip

Mom and I made plans for an overnight camp in the local mountains. According to the USFS, there is a contract dispute with the campgrounds that take reservations, but they had several campgrounds with first-come, first-served campsites.

We figured that camping on a Wednesday night we wouldn't have any issues, so we headed out to Applewhite (B) in Lytle Creek: CLOSED. Well, let's head up to Wrightwood and check out the camps up there (C). Table Mountain: CLOSED. Lake Campground: CLOSED. Mountain Oak: CLOSED. A check of the map and we saw there was a couple choices on the East side of the Angeles National Forest. Sycamore Flat (D) was a wide spot on the side of the road with just a dozen sites: Not our style. We pressed on to the Devil's Punchbowl (E): NO CAMPING.

Down but not defeated, we drove across the desert and back down the Cajon Pass to a great campground in our own neighborhood: Rancho Jurupa Regional Park (F). They had a spot for us and we had a perfect trip. I had put the time lapse camera in the back window during our 190 mile trip, so the very short video below shows our road trip adventure.