March 18, 2012

Saint Patty would be Proud

The Serrano Native Americans spent the cold winters in the Yucaipat, or Green Valley below the San Bernardino Mountains. The area is now the town of Yucaipa and we spent this St. Patrick's Day weekend at Yucaipa Regional Park camping with Jake and Vicki; plus John and Dorothy.

The park is RV only, and every site is a hookup, so there is never any generator noise. There are three lakes just a short hike from the campground, so it is a favorite site for anglers. One of the lakes has water slides which open in the summer. They're especially slippery because it is lake water that is pumped down the algae-covered slides (not as bad as it sounds).

It rained almost the entire weekend, so everyone seemed to hole-up in their rigs to ride out the storm. Jake and Vicki decided it was time to explore, so we joined them for a trip up to Parrish Ranch and Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen for some shopping and lunch. I found a painting I liked in a local gallery, so I splurged and bought it for my office.

Sherry made her tub cookies; I made a big pot of Irish Stew; and Jake made a whole bunch of corned beef and cabbage for the evening's dinner. After eating way too much, we returned to La Rana to watch Drive and lay our heads down for the night.

Shasta woke me up at four in the morning, barking at the many rabbits who were easy to see silhouetted against the fresh fallen snow. We waited anxiously for the sun to come up so we could get outside and take some photos before rain would wash everything away. Another great weekend of camping, and only 40 minutes from home.