February 21, 2011

Cancel a Trip? Hail No!

Somewhere under the rainbow
is the only photo of Paul, and
we never did get a shot of Linda
We had a great campsite reserved at San Clemente State Beach, and our friends Paul and Linda had a site reserved a few steps away. Great plan, but all week long we watched the weather report and the big storms heading in from the Pacific. We briefly debated canceling, but as Sherry pointed out, one of our favorite family trips was when we were snowed in and down to our last can of soup and some crackers.

Southern California in February
Andy brought his buddy Alex, and we brought our friend Wendy, so with Paul and Linda, we had seven of us braving a storm of biblical proportions. Saturday night was water spouts off the coast, hail, torrents of frozen mud, and a bunch of friends huddled inside watching a movie.

Sunday morning greeted us with a rainbow over La Rana and soon enough, everyone was out exploring the aftermath. It was a three-mile round trip hike on the beach to the pier, and nearly everyone, including Shasta made the trip at some point during the weekend. We headed into San Juan Capistrano for lunch and my first tour of the Mission since grade school. 

Since it was President's Day weekend, we still had another day left, and we checked out the surf beach at San Onofre and then headed to our favorite fish and chips joint for lunch and then headed home. I'm so glad we didn't cancel the trip. This was a great weekend.