December 29, 2010

San Elijo is the Choice

Boy meets Dog

In the last post, I made a comment about a sad dog story. For those keeping score, here is the story so far: Andy brought home a stray for a few days, we found the owner and then Andy asked for a dog for Christmas.

Tired Puppy
We went looking at the local shelters and were chosen by Shasta, a seven-month old shepherd-rottie mix. She is fixed, with all of her shots, and has an awesome temperament. She was actually born at the shelter in May, adopted out in September but returned to the shelter by the previous owner for whatever reason.

Since she isn't potty trained yet we took her with us on our annual between-the-holidays beach trip. We had a full hook-up at San Elijo State Beach, which is our favorite beach. It is kind of funny that Elijo is Spanish for "Choice." Here is why San Elijo is our choice:

San Elijo State Beach

That building on the left is the best damn taco joint on the planet (Bull Taco: shark tacos for lunch). That short little RV, five spaces from the showers is our campsite. The beach is awesome for surfing and beach-combing. On this trip, Andy rescued a slightly damaged surfboard from the dumpster! The Cedros District in Solana Beach is a great place to spend the afternoon. Plus, there is a nice upscale market a short walk away. The only downside to this place is the drainage in the rain. The whole campground is on a gentle slope from the bluffs on the north end, to the sand on the south end. During a storm, the camp road becomes a culvert and those spots on the south are a mud bog. During the winter, I would definitely aim for the bluffs.


Anonymous said...

We renewed our dogs' tags at the shelter today. Vicki suggested we might look at some of the puppies there, and my response was "who do you think I am, Andy? Two is enough!"


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHH..... Look at the doggie... Looks like a nice doggie for you folks...

Good Luck & Cheers,