November 15, 2010

Yosemite in Autumn

We got back last night after spending the long holiday weekend in Yosemite. This short video shows the fun we had, but doesn't talk about the RV battery going bad. It wouldn't hold a charge, so the heater was out of the question, which made twenty-degree nights a little brisk. We spent the evenings in Curry and Yosemite Lodges, warming ourselves by their fireplaces. We had brought lots of bedding, so once we got under the covers, everything was fine.

In the video, we spoke of Andy's twelve-hour nap and Sherry sleeping on the drive up. Let's just say next time we'll buy the non-drowsy Dramamine or skip it all together. With the exception of the battery, La Rana performed perfectly. Unfortunately, I became completely caffeinated for the long drive home and couldn't sleep last night, nor search for royalty-free music to accompany the video.

Several folks have asked for more on the Winchester House. Unfortunately, they don't allow cameras inside, but here is a good commercial video on the WMH.


Anonymous said...

Thanks... really inspires me to make more trips outside of Summer! Love following your adventures.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. Yosemite is quite the contrast of Death Valley, not sure I would know what to do around trees.
BTW - I like Merced.