June 11, 2010

With Our Thoughts and Prayers

AP NEWS: Flash floods swamped campgrounds along a pair of southwestern Arkansas rivers early Friday, killing 16 people and leaving anguished families pleading with emergency workers for help in finding dozens of missing people. The Albert Pike Recreation Area, a 54-unit campground in the Ouachita National Forest, was packed with vacationing families. Two dozen people were hospitalized and another 60 were rescued from the steep Ouachita Mountains valley. At least 40 from the area are still missing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and those still missing. Please consider a donation to the American Red Cross.


Ed said...

LANGLEY, AK — Several teams resumed searching Saturday for people swept away by flash floods at a southwest Arkansas campground and more responders were expected to join them.

Arkansas State Police Capt. Mike Fletcher said multiple teams went into the Albert Pike Recreation Area at daylight. Additional crews will boat up and down the Little Missouri River from entry points at the campground itself, Highway 70 and Highway 84.

Searchers found a 17th victim Saturday that hasn't yet been identified. As of Saturday morning, authorities had identified 15 of 17 bodies that have been recovered. As many as 20 people remain missing.

The campers were swept away when heavy rains caused a 20-foot surge in the Little Missouri River over just four hours early Friday morning. The strong currents destroyed cabins, overturned trailers, ripped pavement from the ground and even hurled a full-size gravel truck into a wooded ditch.

At least two dozen people were hospitalized. Authorities had rescued dozens more before suspending their search at nightfall Friday.

In addition to numerous searchers from state police and forestry agencies, volunteers from across and even outside the state have gathered at the command post hoping to help.
One man from Little Rock brought his boat thinking he may be able to provide transportation for rescuers searching the river. A team of EMTs from Foreman, Ark., drove more than an hour to be here at 5 a.m. with no guarantee they will be allowed to join in the efforts.

Officials say the search for the missing could take days, if not weeks. (Source: Arkansas online)

Tactical Knife Guy said...

I live in Poland, and there have been a few floods in our central city which has a river near it. A wave flew in with more water and the water stared overflowing thus flooding the streets in some areas. Alot of people lost their homes, and some lost their pets :(.... and even some died.

I think floods are a serious topic and people need to be prepared for them if it ever happens near them.