June 20, 2010

Serrano = Mountain People

We just got back from two nights at Serrano, next to Big Bear Lake. Serrano is the Native American name for the mountain people who lived here and it is one of our favorite places because the pine shaded sites are level and spacious, plus there are lots of activities like hiking to the Big Bear Discovery Center, the Stanfield Marsh, and cool little shops nearby.

While there isn't a store in Serrano, a short walk away is the camp store for the Lighthouse Trailer Resort. That campground doesn't have the best reviews, but the store is the cleanest I've ever seen at a family-run campground.

This trip wasn't just a Father's Day outing, but a family trip with Sherry's family. You can tell by the smiles, we all had a terrific time.

Off the subject of camping, the Norco High yearbook came out with a couple photos of Andy's skills on the court. As Andy would say, "Cool Beans." I think that means he approves.