April 15, 2010

Dueling Paddles

Ask anyone who went on the trip with us, there was a kid at the campground that had to have come from the same gene pool as the banjo kid in Deliverance. Even so, we all survived the trip down the Kaweah River and there are pictures to prove it.

Linda added several from the river trip, and I added some labels for those who need a program. And for the sake of Andy's ego, he chose to swim here, he wasn't knocked overboard. And for the sake of everyone's lunch, I cropped off the eight pairs of legs in tight neoprene wetsuits in that last photo.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know if anyone squealed like a pig ??? Cause you got a prity mouth !! LOLOLOL Looks like fun, it's good to go for a swim now and then.... Bet that water was a mighty chilly !!!


Lisa said...

A river trip is not complete without a little talk of dueling banjos.
There are some shirts around tee shops that say "What happens on the river trip, stays on the river" and features a pic from the movie.