March 21, 2010

San Elijo Beach Combing

We just got back from a Summery weekend at San Elijo State Beach. Our friends Paul and Linda bought a new trailer, and joined us for the trip. We had the intentions of just vegging out at the beach, but we ended up having a blast shopping in the cool little town of Solano Beach, bike riding, surfing, and beach combing.

We must've been quite a sight with all the bikes and surfboard on the back of La Rana. As it turns out, we were spotted by my old buddy Geno as we were cruising home and he was on his way back from Lake Skinner. Andy would rather ride his skateboard than his bike, but we have a carrier for four just in case he has a friend along that talks him into bike riding. I think we'll end up with a three or five speed for Sherry. I'm cool with my beach cruiser.

Sherry is always up for a long walk on the beach, looking for pretty things. We walked all the way down the beach to San Elijo Lagoon, where the warm fresh water mixes with the cooler ocean water. There are lots of wildlife here that, like Goldilocks, find the temperature that is just right for them.

I never had to cook this weekend. We ate ham and apple pininis at a sidewalk cafe; Paul and Linda cooked up an awesome dinner of carne asada; we had a breakfast burrito from the great little taco shop in the campground (how many camp stores sell lobster tacos?); and lunch at Costco on the way home. Great trip.

A quick tip I discovered this weekend: Since all of the California State Parks have AT&T WiFi and my GPS has all of the AT&T hot spots, we have all of the Calparks already programmed into our GPS.