March 12, 2010

New Toy

I'm not generally one of those that would go camping just to sit in the RV and watch TV, but having spent days in the rain, or in areas where campfires were verboten, a little light show is appreciated after dark.

This is just the thing for us. It is the Dell M109S LCD projector. While it fits in your hand, it does use a power supply that is almost as big, so the photo is a little deceiving. It also is missing any audio, so auxiliary speakers are a necessity, but we can use the RV stereo, a radio or small computer speakers for sound. A tripod mount on the bottom would be nice, but sadly it is missing. Still, it can project up to a 50" diagonal image.

It uses LEDs instead of a bulb so it stays cool (no fan noise) and the bulb won't burn out. It will hook up to a computer, game console or DVD player. When we were at Ocotillo Wells we saw some campers who had shot video during the day and then projected it onto a sheet after dinner. I'll have to play around with the house wiring and some screen ideas, but tinkering is half the fun of camping.


Anonymous said...

I like the LCD projection part. It is usually the bulb that costs the most in a projector.