March 27, 2010

Earth Day Reminder

We're lucky enough to live a few hundred feet from the banks of the Temescal River, just upstream of the basin behind Prado Dam. This wet winter has cleaned the streets of debris and litter, but unfortunately, all of that gunk has flown right into the the wetlands where the egrets, herons and ducks nest.

During my morning walk with the dogs, we walked into the basin; into areas that just last week were still underwater from the winter rains. The volume of foam cups, packaging and man-made junk is depressing. I was pretty moved by the experience and I hope everyone who reads this will be too.

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated near the April 22nd birthday of Conservationist John Muir. Community clean-ups are planned all over the world, so watch your local paper or do a Google search for events in your area. And don't forget to be a responsible camper.