March 1, 2010

1st of the Month

The first day of the month is always important to a California camper. That is because it is the first day that reservations are available for six months from now.

You have to be logged in and ready to go, because you'll see campsites disappear off the reservation site before you can type in your credit card information. Because of the State budget, California parks and beaches have almost doubled their fees, so County and Federal parks are seeing increases as frugal campers migrate away from the more expensive sites.

It was a tough fight this morning, but we've got our reservations through September:
  • MAR: San Elijo
  • APR: Sequoia
  • MAY: Oak Glen
  • JUN: Serrano
  • JUL: Dogwood
  • AUG: Idyllwild
  • SEP: Doheney