November 11, 2009

Out of Service

Today we closed down the Black Mountain Fire Lookout for the season. It was quite the chore to bring everything down and secure the structure with metal shutters, but the real work is yet to come.

Sometime on the long, bumpy ride down the mountain, a ten-pound ABC fire extinguisher emptied inside my five-foot camper shell. What looks like a carton of eggs is actually a case of water. The inset photo is of my mostly-black drill. The gray upholstery of the shell interior has taken on a jaundiced look, but I'm happy to report that all of the Lookout stuff is cleaning off fairly well.

This is going to take a lot of time to clean up, which makes me wonder if a dry chemical extinguisher for the RV is really the best choice.


Robert said...

Argh...what a mess. I know it is a rarity to have a fire when you're out camping, but you definitely want to have a dry chemical extinguisher along with you. A water extinguisher won't work well on most of the plastics and synthetic fabrics in your camper. A CO2 extinguisher will be gentle on electronics, but the gas dissipates so quickly that it will do little to smother a fire. Be sure to check that the safety pin is secured in your extinguisher before you hit the road. That will help ensure you don't have an accidental discharge.

Ed said...

Agreed, but I'm suggesting multiple extinguishers, recognizing that the Jack of All Trades is rarely a Master at any of them. I'll keep the ABC for the big stuff, and a Kitchen Guard Wet Chemical Fire Suppressant for Kitchen Cooking Oil and Grease Fires.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ranger,

What a mess... No pin hua !!! No worries, I use a Halon in the pony, just in case, doesn't leave a powdery mess like this one... At least it will give you something to do !!!

Take Care,