October 5, 2009


It is still months away, but I'm getting excited about the trip to Sequoia National Park for Spring Break. We'll be staying in the foothills below the big trees, but that will only be a base camp for our explorations. The logistics are a little more involved than the Zion trip, but we'll be bringing along several friends this time around. Sherry is hoping to see some bears, but I'd be happy to see some of these pika.


Anonymous said...

John & I will have to tell you about the bear we chased out of camp while we were tent camping in the Sequoias several years back. OBEY THE WARNING SIGNS ABOUT STORING FOOD!!

Geno said...

Was checking out your blog and saw your reservations for three rivers area. We stayed down the road at this place a couple of years ago, might want to check it out while you're up there. Also might want to checl on road construction progress. It was a while ago but our trip into the forest was kind of weird and cut short when
we got up there and found out traffic into and out of south entrance to park was only allowed one time per hour through about a two mile stretch of road behind a pilot car. It is a beautiful area though. Let's get together
sometime for lunch. Geno