October 3, 2009


I've made a few modifications to the RV that I never posted, so it is time to bring the blog up to date. We decided to call our RV, La Rana, which is Spanish for The Frog. I took off the factory decals in the back and added a large version of this frog drawing as well as our destination stickers. There is a smaller version of La Rana on each side of the RV too. I'll be adding the text for La Rana as well.

We found it frustrating to use our XM radio during the Zion trip because the overhang of the cab frequently blocked the signal. Rather than attach it to the roof and try to figure out an elegant way to route the wiring, I mounted a bracket the the front grill and mounted it next to the hood latch. Hopefully, it won't get in the way of the mechanics. Most people won't even notice it.

Finally, I spent some time playing with the layout of Our Camping Blog. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Camping Blog is OK. You should consider a new blog for your fire lookout and ETC. stuff on a new blow. Let's face it, seeing all those fire-fighting aircraft on you family camping blog Might confuse someone.

Ed said...

Yeah, I considered that, but as it has always said, this is our record of what's going on and anyone else is welcome to look in. If anything, it is an adventure blog rather than just camping. There is surfing, hiking, etc. I'll have to ponder this, but with only 13,000 hits in two years, I don't think it is a rush... Ed