August 22, 2009

Zion - The Promised Land

Zion National Park is truly one of the most magnificent places on Earth. As anyone who has seen this blog knows, we’re no stranger to camping and the outdoors, so when we say it is one of the most magnificent places on Earth, it must be.

We spent a week with a base camp at Zion Canyon, in the hottest month of the year, and it was perfect.

Each morning, we would complete an adventure before the heat sent us back to camp for a siesta. In the evening, we would venture out for another adventure before settling in for the night.

The towering Navajo Sandstone cliffs are like sandcastles in the expanse of the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts. The trails along the canyon walls were incredible, and every day we saw dozens of wild turkeys, deer, bats and once, a grey fox.

Traveling with a 14 year-old son is usually easier with a distraction, so we brought along Andy’s buddy Travis. He had his own adventures, as he had never eaten Spam and eggs, or even tamales.

One of our favorite adventures was taking our bikes on the park shuttle and then riding the Pa’rus Trail back down to camp. This two-mile trip was so much fun as we let gravity do most of the work during the cool evening air.

These few photos and short video fail to do this place any real justice. It truly is our favorite place, and one we will surely revisit time and again.