August 15, 2009

The Caboose is Loose

After two years, the Caboose is loose. We sold it off and now we're making new memories with an RV. She was good to us, and she went to a good family.

We decided the new RV is named La Rana, Spanish for The Frog.


Steven C. Karoly said...

So, what name did you give the RV?

Ed said...

We're leaning toward "Ranita" which is Spanish for Little Frog. Our house is next to the Temescal Creek and we are host so hundreds of amphibian visitors. This led us to call our house, La Casa Rana, or the Frog House. Ranita seems like a decent choice, it just doesn't excite us the way the Caboose did. We'll see. Thanks for checking in.