July 19, 2009

The Maiden Trip of the RV

What a whirlwind of a weekend. I took my Mom up to Black Mountain Lookout for a few hours and on the way down my truck died next to Lake Fulmor and out of cell range. While we were hanging out at the lake, we saw a young rattlesnake, which gave Mom the excitement she was looking for.

The truck was inoperable so it got towed into Idyllwild Garage for repairs. Meanwhile Sherry came and rescued us while we left my truck on the Hill to wait for parts. We dropped my Mom off and then we loaded up the RV for a weekend at San Elijo State Beach.

Right before we left, the UPS man dropped off my new GPS navigation unit so we had a little help driving in the dark. Andy brought Joe along, and they kept the dogs occupied. As you can see, Andy's summer hairdo is growing out.

The beach was very nice, with dozens of surfers and our boys playing Frisbee and boogie-boarding in the waves. That is Andy walking out into the surf behind Sherry-the-Surfer-Mom. A few minutes after this shot was taken, a lady stepped on a stingray and was taken up the bluffs by the lifeguards. After that, we all remembered to do the stingray shuffle when we walked in the water.

It turns out we could have skipped the late night provisioning at Trader Joe's. There was a really good taco stand at the beach that had some pretty good food. After breakfast burritos on Sunday, we set the GPS for Idyllwild and headed up the Hill to rescue the truck. Two hundred dollars and the truck was ready to go.

As you can tell by checking out a very tired Digger, we had a terrific trip and the RV is officially broken in, though we still haven't agreed on a nickname for it yet. Any ideas?