June 28, 2009

100th Post

I just noticed this morning that today's post is the 100th update to Our Camping Blog. A lot has happened during these 100 posts, so let us know if you have a favorite post and maybe we'll put together a greatest hits.

On Friday, we brought home our new RV. We love it, but we've got to come up with a pet name, kind of like the Caboose. Any ideas?

It has been a busy weekend with the new arrival of the RV and then our Saturday night field trip. Our friend Stan is the president of the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club and they were invited to display their gorgeous classics and take a couple laps on the Toyota Speedway. Stan let us ride in his 65 Mustang Convertible. It was lots of fun screaming around the track snapping photos. This was another one of those crazy field trips we like to do. Who else goes crawling into hundred year-old mines, aqueduct tunnels, and laps around a banked half-mile oval track?

June 20, 2009

Wanna Buy a Caboose?

Today we bought an RV. We had been toying with the idea for a while, and while the economy sucks, it made it easy to get an incredible deal on this upgrade from our Caboose. Did I say incredible? I meant INCREDIBLE. We got a 2008 Dutchmen Express, 23 footer, with only 9,400 miles on it, for $26,000 off retail.

This model had everything we were looking for: it has a knitting chair for Sherry; an over-cab bed for Andy; no slide-outs (for fuel economy); a roomy bathroom; and a downstairs queen bed. Extras are a generator, huge storage, LCD TV, and an outside shower.

While the kitchen is small, we do most of our cooking outside and it keeps our sleeping area from being claustrophobic with walls. The on-board microwave and oven will be great additions to our camping menus.

The bathroom is large, with a shower, vanity and porcelain commode. The refrigerator and freezer are a good size for our weekend trips. The dinette is much more comfortable than the one in the Caboose, and it can be made into a perfect bed for the trips with our Godson.
  • Chassis Chevy
  • Vortec Engine 6.0L / V-8
  • Wheelbase 158"(F)/159"(C)
  • Exterior Length 24' 10"
  • Exterior Height 10' 10"
  • Exterior Width 99"
  • Interior Height 82"
  • Awning Size 15' 6"
  • Fuel 55 gallons
  • LPG 40.9
  • Fresh Water 40 gallons
  • Black Water 24.5 gallons
  • Gray Water 38.5 gallons
  • Water Heater 6 gallons
  • Furnace 25,000 BTU

June 13, 2009

Black Mountain History

I worked another shift up at the Black Mountain Fire Lookout this week. With the heavy marine layer of clouds, I had some free time to work on this four-minute video on the Lookout. Except for a couple audio hiccups (damn MS MovieMaker), it came out pretty well. Enjoy.