February 15, 2009

Damn Big Tree

Let me start by saying that our trip to Big Sur this week was fantastic. Well, fantastic with one huge exception. This morning at 2:08 AM, this huge tree branch fell at least thirty feet, through my six-day-old camper shell, into the tail gate and truck bed, bounced into the awning (tearing and bending as it went) and came to rest on the picnic table. The impact exploded out all of the windows of the camper shell and the rear window of my truck.

Because of darkness and the storm, we couldn't leave after it happened. We tried to sleep till daybreak, which required us to try and stop our imaginations telling us that the tree litter falling on our roof during the storm was the precursor to another killer tree-bomb. Once we did break camp, it was fifty miles of driving in a cold, driving rain, before we got to a hardware store so I could cram a piece of hardboard where the rear window used to be.

I promise a full update on our trip in a day or so.


Marty said...

Yikes! Thats one for the campfire storytelling hour.

Enjoyed looking over your blog. I'll keep an eye on your future adventures.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed !!

Anyone get hurt ??? Sorry to hear about your caboose and the locomotive !!!

Give us an up-date when time permits !!


Ed said...

Nobody was hurt, but we ruined three pairs of pajamas!

Anonymous said...

Did you get to keep the branch and cut it up for firewood?

Reba said...

Now that is what you call really bad luck! I can understand why the pajamas are caput! I must admit that I always looked at the weather forcast before I'd go tenting. We live where there is nothng but trees wherever you go and when it storms, the rotten ones come down. Glad your all ok and hope insurance coverd it all.