November 8, 2008

The Lookout Awards

Today was the end of season barbecue and awards for the lookout volunteers. I made out pretty well with an award for "First Smoke" (spotting a fire), best photo, best newsletter article, and the "Gold Star Award" for volunteerism beyond the call (painting, repairing plumbing and electrical, etc.). I also won a raffle for a VIP tour inside the Arrowhead Tunnel.

I've only got a couple shifts left at the tower this year. Unless the weather pattern changes, we'll be closing the lookout down for the winter on December 1st. Last year we opened on Memorial Day, so it could be a long six months without standing watch in my timeshare treehouse.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,

Congrads on the top honors awards... Glad your doing something you really love... Continued Success and many more Achievements....