September 18, 2008

By Special Request

By special request, this photo shows the luxury accommodations of the Lookout Cab:
  • The photo is taken in the northwest corner, near the head of the twin bed.
  • The door would be just off to the left in the northeast corner.
  • The stove doesn't work for anything but storage so the microwave is the only cooking appliance in the cab.
  • There is an under-counter refrigerator between the sink and the director's chair.
  • The sink drains but you have to haul up your own fresh water.
  • The radios are in the southwest corner on the right of the photo.
  • The bed and the stools are on glass insulators for lightning strikes.
  • The ceiling is low so I drag my knuckles across the boards whenever I stretch my back.
  • We're the only lookout in the San Bernardino Forest with a phone, but I've only used it once so far.
As you can see, the place is utilitarian, but the joy comes from the time spent in the "Timeshare Treehouse."


Anonymous said...

And you voluntarily spend time here? God bless the storm chasers, for they will inherit the Earth...


Ed said...

And the outhouse is at the bottom of 40 steps... Ed