August 3, 2008

Strawberry Overnight

I usually just work my volunteer shifts in the Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout Tower and go home, but this weekend I spent the night in the tower. This is the view from my bed inside the tower. Pretty cool, huh? This is looking out over San Bernardino, Riverside, Corona and Santiago Peak. From the tower I can also see Hesperia, Victorville, Palmdale, Lancaster, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and points west. Due to the curvature of the Earth, the view is limited to 106 miles, but on a really clear day you can see Mt. Whitney, 150 miles away, but only because it is tall enough to poke out above the curved horizon. When it isn't smoggy, you can see the Channel Islands. In all there is a 340 degree panorama (damn trees) covering a huge chunk of Southern California.