July 20, 2008

Wave Running at Lake Silverwood

We just got back from an adrenalin-filled weekend at Lake Silverwood with our friends Robert, Jana and Wendy. They brought a couple of Wave Runners so we were hardly ever in the campsite.

The lake is on the desert side of the San Bernardino mountains, and is VERY popular with the locals. There is no beach access at the campsite, so it is a drive to the day use parking, and then a quarter-mile hike from the car to the beach. If it weren't for the long walk and dirty bathrooms, this would get a higher rating than just two tents.

The water and companionship was outstanding. We had a lot of fun and once Andrew was oriented to the Wave Runners, it was pretty amazing to be hanging on to my thirteen-year-old son as we flew across the lake at 60 MPH.

We saw a heavily modified pop-up put into service as an Ice Cream truck. They did a huge business selling ice cream during the day and taking orders for ice and firewood deliveries at night.

July 5, 2008

Summer Sausages

With the Independence Day barbecue officially over, I'm looking at the leftovers and noticing the absence of any Hebrew National Hot Dogs, it must be the best hot dog around.

According to all the hot dog ratings, it is. This survey rated the best dogs: 3) Ball Park Angus Beef Franks, 2)Nathan's Kosher Premium Beef Franks, and 1)Hebrew National Reduced Fat. Mmmm.