May 17, 2008

Almost Opening Day

Today was a work day to get the Strawberry Peak Lookout ready to go for the season. It was a great day to be on the peak because it was 101 degrees at home but 20 degrees cooler at the tower. Tony (the Tower Leader) took a photo of the crew that showed up for the work party.

I forgot my own camera, so I'm using a photo from 2005 to illustrate the rest of this post. Some things have changed since then. The microwave dishes below the southeast corner of the cab are gone. The tower on the left of the photo has been rebuilt a few yards away so the old tower is only half as tall as the lookout now.

Up until just a week ago, there was a phone line that went from the cab to a transformer shack, but a lumber truck nailed that cable so we have to use a cell phone to order pizzas now.