April 20, 2008

Serrano Spring

We celebrated our first year with the Caboose with a trip to Serrano on the North Shore of Big Bear lake. We had a full moon and lows in the twenties, but as cold as it was, the only snow in our site could've barely filled the campfire ring.

Sherry loves having a full hook up, and we took full advantage of the opportunity to display our colorful porch lights. These were also helpful during the late night walks to the bathroom.

It seems that many of our camping photos look alike, so I was playing around with the long exposure settings on the camera, and came up with some different shots. The full moon was a four-second exposure, then the lights plus Sherry by the fire were each two second exposures. Having said all our shots look alike, we still had to have the cliché photo of the three of us at the campfire (two-second exposure).