February 26, 2008

Timeshare Troubles

We were going to spend our March camping trip at a "free timeshare preview" for a private campground in Lytle Creek, but negative reviews were out pacing positive reviews four-to-one. One reviewer spoke of the wannabe Ranger threatening a camper with a warrant for trespassing for rolling through a stop sign in the campground. Another review spoke of popup and tent campers being treated as second class citizens.

Since I have an extremely low tolerance for arrogant security guards, I decided to spare the family the experience and find someplace else. We still want to be close to home because of a dinner we need to go to on that Saturday night, so I made a reservation at Lake Silverwood instead. As you can see from the photo, this is a great spot that we will be visiting again this summer.


Heather said...


Thanks for leaving me your blog address on the request for campground ideas on my popupportal thread. What a great idea to do a blog of your travels. It's so much fun. I noticed that you're going to Silverwood. I've never been but I've heard it's nice. I've made reservtions for late May. We don't have our popup yet but we're saving. In the meatime I though I might as well make reservations - I can always cancel. I look forward to seeing photos from you trip!