December 9, 2007

Not Exactly Camping, But...

We just got back from a road trip to Arizona with my mom and brother. On the way back, we stopped by the General George S. Patton Memorial Museum at the site of Camp Young, which was a training center for desert warfare in WWII. They have several tanks out in the desert surrounding the museum. As roadside museums go, this one was pretty good, and I didn't feel my $4 admission was wasted.

Andy has bugged me to take a couple of his buddies camping out in the desert so they can play airsoft wars. The museum is just twelve miles from Cottonwood Springs campground at Joshua Tree National Park. I'm betting we'll be out there sometime this spring. The campground is one of only two at Joshua Tree with running water and flush toilets. I can't let them shoot airsoft guns in the monument, but we can easily find a place in the BLM desert that will fit their simulated warfare quest.