December 1, 2007

Adios San Elijo

Reluctantly, we had to cancel our reservations for San Elijo State Beach in two weeks - just too many things going on this month. Jeff, one of the railfans that hangs out at the Fullerton Depot, has raved about the campground. There are great ocean views; a Starbucks and a gourmet market across the tracks; and a local breakfast spot is known for its large portions, good prices, surf movies, and the motto: "No Shoes, No Shirt... No Problem !!" We'll get there soon.


Suzanne said...

San Elijo Is one of the best beach campsites I have been to! Its Fun,very clean and a nice group of people! Cute little shops across the tracks! Hope you make it there soon.
Next favorite
Silverwood lake, boy did we have a blast!
have a great summer!