October 22, 2007

Another Fire

That windstorm last weekend only got worse and turned into a firestorm. So far 128 homes in the area have burned. The fire-line is walking distance from our campsite. I got an email from a buddy who lives in the area: Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas are under mandatory evacuation. Homeowners in Twin Peaks are calling 911 because the fire has reached their homes, or they are now on fire. The homeowners are being told to just get out as best as they can. There are no more available resources. Dozens, if not hundreds, of homes have burned, or are going to burn. We will have no air support today, and resources are spread too thin. Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout was evacuated this morning, and the tower will be closed until further notice. Most of the Lake Arrowhead and Cedar Pines Park area are without power. Areas are also without water pressure due to the power outages. There may be a power shut down of the entire mountain in a few minutes due to continuing power lines coming down.