September 30, 2007

Movies on the Beach

We just got back from a quick weekend at Newport Dunes. It is a resort atmosphere with quarter-million dollar RVs everywhere you look. They put the Clampetts (AKA popup campers) in the back row. Our space was literally 16'x25' of decomposed granite, a picnic table and a vine covered chain link fence between us and the next campers. We were lucky that they were all quiet folks, but the wrong neighbors would have really spoiled the weekend. It was $68 for the night which gave us cable TV, full hookup, and access to the pool, bay, etc. The thing that made it the most fun was they set up this giant inflatable screen and we sat in the sand with a couple hundred campers and watched a movie. I told Sherry it was like sleeping in a parking lot. As long as you went with the idea that you were going to spend your time in the "resort" and just sleep in the parking lot, it was nice. We'll definitely go again next year just for the nice beach and movie.