September 17, 2007

Heading for the Desert

Looks like this will be the last post on the Butler 2 fire for a while. It seems to be moving out of the timber and into the desert, away from camping areas. Again, our thoughts and prayers for those impacted by this fire, and a hero's thanks to those fighting the fight. If you haven't read the quotes from the scanner, I think it gives an incredible glimpse into what they're facing. One of my favorite quotes today was one of the pilots, accidentally dropping retardant and announcing, "We're gonna need a cleanup on isle 18!" Just a few minutes later another pilot said, "just had an engine failure, over the lake, going to put it in the field" then "I think we just had an engine failure in one of the SEATS." He then put the plane down in a meadow and walked away (he may have been walking funny).


Ed said...

It kind of takes some of the wind out of the giggle, but I've learned that a SEAT is a Single Engine Air Tanker spotter aircraft.