September 16, 2007

Butler 2 Fire Update

I'm the first to admit that this posting is purely selfish. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are incredibly impacted by this fire, but this post is really just an update on the fire and its potential impact on our camping. On the bright side, if we get some rain this winter, there should be some great wildflowers next spring.

This map is from the Riverside Press Enterprise newspaper. It shows the fire boundary as of last night. I added the locations of our favorite campgrounds for that selfish perspective. One of our long-time friends is the Ranger at the Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation which is currently in the line of fire. Last night at nearby Camp Whittle, several buildings were lost to the fire.

This photo was taken by a local pilot for the Big Bear Grizzly. I added the pointers to give some perspective to this vantage point. The smoke trail extends past Las Vegas.