August 4, 2007

More Heat, More Mods

It is still screaming hot outside, so we're still not camping. It didn't stop me from working on an easy mod. There are snaps and straps holding the door for stowage, and when the door is in place, the straps serve no purpose. I took a 24" dowel and added snaps to each end. Now, when the door is installed, I can snap the dowel in place and have a place for paper towels above the galley, and maybe some jackets (when we're not cooking inside).

While I was at the new Lowes in town, I saw this Hunter thermostat on sale for ten bucks. It fit perfectly into the recess and should take care of the problem we had during the cool spring days. It did feel a little ironic to be sweating like a dog while installing a new heater control.