May 6, 2007

To Do List

On Saturday, I added a second propane cylinder to the Caboose. We were worried about having enough propane left after running the heater all night, and I didn't like the anxiety during an otherwise relaxing weekend. Now I won't have to worry about that anymore. Sherry bought a string of kitschy lights for the awning. She says she wants lawn flamingos too.

There are still a few things on our list after the trip (in no particular order:
  • A clip to hold the broom and dustpan. Done
  • Unbreakable mirror (don't ask!)
  • Add a shelf behind the RVQ. Done
  • Shelving behind the galley sink.
  • Convert galley doors to drop down design.
  • Add end doors to bench seats. Done
  • Build a light-weight pantry.
  • Personalized duffel bags. Done
  • Pop-up trash can.
  • Step stabilizer.
  • Something to cover the pipe chase in the galley.


Bill said...

I enjoyed reading about your new camper and mods...