May 28, 2007

Table Mountain

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Table Mountain in the Angeles National Forest. While it was a very nice campground, the main distractions were the lack of level sites, flush toilets and showers. These are nice things for a "family trip" but not so important on a "guy's" trip where we can rough it a little more. Our campsite was next to the amphitheater and had some incredible views into Pinon Hills, about 6,000 feet below us.

Sherry was able to get some reading in, and my folks came up to spend all day Saturday. My favorite quote of the trip came from my father, who announced, "Those two ladies in the next campsite have a strong physical attraction for each other."

Andrew brought his buddy Caleb on the trip and they spent several hours hunting for lizards with grass lassos and doing a good job of playing Marlin Perkins and Jim on their own episode of Mutual of Omaha.

Finding a fairly level site with shade and close to a pit toilet can be a little rough on this mountain top. My favorite sites are 85, 112, 113, 72, 73, 74, 75 and 76. We all came home wind and sun burned and I decided the counter top and air gap mods need fine tuning. We also need to work on a standard checklist for these trips.