April 14, 2007

Mods and Gadgets

While sitting around in a Washington, DC hotel room, I found some cool ideas for modifications to the trailer. I know, I've only had it a week and I'm already thinking about changing it.

Soldering a phono plug to the leads of a multimeter, I can plug this into the accessory lamp and check the battery condition on the trailer. Another set of leads with a 110 plug can check park voltage.

Santa Fe Galley Storage
Removing the side wall of the large storage area allows rolling access to the portable toilet and better organization.

CD Stereo Radio Installation
This is a nice installation of a car stereo and speaker into the galley void.

Outside Stove and Shelf
A breadboard could be easily modified to fit on the RV-Que rack.

Some other ideas and things to put in the trailer:
~ Wood pads for the stabiizer legs Done
~ Computer speakers for the XM
~ Electric heater for sites with full hook-ups Done
~ Replace the B/C extinguisher with A/B/C
~ GPS bracket for the truck Done
~ Grey water hose, tank and adapter
~ Conversion pigtails Done
~ Level Done
~ Automotive voltmeter
~ Brake controller Done