April 29, 2007

First Camping Trip

We just got back from our first trip in the Caboose. We left late Friday night which meant we got into Serrano camp well after dark. I was very glad that I practiced setting up at night. Things went pretty easy and we were ready to settle in for bed within an hour. It got down to just above freezing that first night, and the thermostat on the heater wasn't working. I McGyvered the thing at three in the morning with my car keys, so we were able to warm up before the sun came up.

Once the sun did come up, we saw just what a great campsite we had. There was lots of space between us and the other campsites, a paved pad for the Caboose, great views, hiking trails, hot showers, etc.

The showers and restrooms were clean and modern, but a little bit of a walk since they were in the loops without hookups. We decided that this wasn't so bad because the campsites without hookups had generators, radios, and other symptoms of inconsiderate campers. The campers in the hook-up loop were all courteous, clean, cheerful -- all the Boy Scout stuff. The best sites are 63, 62 and 61. The pretty good sites are 60-56.

The trip was better than I expected for our first try. We brought too much food, and we were able to deal with any mechanical issues without too much fuss.

We checked out a few other campgrounds as well. Pineknot is too close to the snow area and city to be attractive. San Gorgonio is still closed for the winter, but Barton Flats had nice showers and restrooms. Our first choice for a site at Barton Flats is 34 with 28 a close second.