April 10, 2007

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...

...Whatcha gonna do? If you think about it, all the things that make trailers great, are the same things that make them attractive to the bad guys. All they have to do is pick up and go.

That won't be so easy with this trailer. There is a braided steel cable running through the hitch lock, battery box, propane tank, trailer frame, and contractor-grade padlock. I dug a pit as far as my post-hole digger would reach and then hung a chain from the eye-bolt. It is only a one-foot square anchor, but it has a couple hundred pounds of concrete under it. Not only can they not hitch the trailer to anything, but they'll have to take the front yard with it.

In a more charming vein, my neighbor Bob has christened the trailer, "Harrison's Hideaway."